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A CBD Manufacturer You Can Trust

Does concern about the ability of your CBD manufacturer to deliver great products keep you up at night? Will the quality be there? Will the product be there? Can I get everything that I need from my supplier? With many mislabeled CBD products on the market, doubts can arise.

You can erase each of these doubts and get back to sleep when your CBD manufacturer is Sawyer Labs. There are several reasons to work with Sawyer:

The most important service Sawyer Labs provides its clients is peace of mind. Sawyer products are delivered with a COA from a third-party lab to ensure potency levels. All our products are manufactured in-house, where our high-speed production capabilities provide fast turn-around times. We will be your most-trusted CBD manufacturer.

Sawyer Labs has created unrivaled CBD tinctures and soft gels. Its tinctures offer a variety of flavors: natural, vanilla, mint, orange cream, tropical, lime, and mixed berry. Sawyer’s soft gels offer a daily CBD dose with options of focus, sleep, and natural. Each product is available in full-spectrum, broad-spectrum, and isolate. Each is also available in multiple potencies.

You want your name on a product that delivers accurate potency and overall quality. When Sawyer Labs is your CBD manufacturer, you know your product comes from a GMP certified facility providing traceability, accountability, and verifiability. Sawyer knows where each ingredient came from and what batch was used for your product. A person, not a machine, is responsible for monitoring each step in the manufacturing process. Finally, two people verify that all quality control procedures have been followed in each step.

Make certain that your brand uses products that come from the best-possible CBD manufacturer: Sawyer Labs.

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