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Add CBD Lube to Your Inventory!

Are you looking for a new CBD product to add to your inventory? CBD lube is just what you’re looking for! Lube is used to help make one’s intimate experience more comfortable or pleasurable. And CBD lube is one of the lubes that many people use.

When selling CBD lube, you must make sure you use a trustworthy CBD manufacturer, such as Sawyer Labs. Sawer labs is a GMP certified facility that creates high-quality products. We offer both water-based and oil-based personal lubricants and have options for full-spectrum or broad-spectrum. If you have your own product formulation, Sawyer Labs can help you create it with our private label option. Or you can buy our formulation by choosing white label products.

It’s important clients note the instructions on the packaging during the application. They can also look for more information on how to use CBD lube. If they are taking certain medications, they may need to discuss with their primary care provider about using lube. Below are some advantages of using CBD lube.

Reduction of Sexual Intercourse Pain

Intercourse pain affects many women, and it makes one not enjoy sex. It may be as a result of stress, medications, or certain health conditions. When CBD lube is used, a person’s muscles may relax, and their blood flow improves, minimizing intercourse pain.

May Make Sexual Activity Safe

Some people get injuries when having sex due to friction. Condoms can also burst as a result of this. When CBD lube is applied, minimal or no friction will be experienced, and hence safe sex will be practiced. Water-based CBD lubes are the best as they do not degrade the latex in condoms.

What is the difference between water-based and oil-based lubricants?

Water-based lubricants may help nourish dry skin, while oil-based lubricants only soothe the surface and not the skin’s deeper levels. Oil-based lubricants are easier to spread but, in turn, much messier than water-based lube. 

Sawyer Labs

Add CBD personal lubricant to your inventory today with CBD manufacturer Sawyer Labs and know that you are giving your clients the best products on the market! Order today at

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