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Are CBD Pet Treats and Oil Safe for Dogs?

As the public continues to discover the potential benefits of CBD for various issues people face in life, new testimonies of how CBD has helped them are constantly being added. Reports from across the industry indicate that CBD may help with anxiety, stress, pain control, sleep issues, muscle, and joint problems, swelling and inflammation, skincare, beauty creams, intimacy products, and a number of other uses. One of the most common popular uses for CBD, however, is for our furry friends. Pet CBD treats and oil may also provide many of the same benefits for our fur babies. A quality custom CBD manufacturer provides unique formulas and products specifically for pets to enjoy.

CBD For Pets

Just as people face challenges in life, our furry family members also have problems that need to be addressed. For many, CBD products may the just the answer they need. Pets are often transported and stored in kennels or care centers and can develop separation anxiety and other stress-related issues. CBD pet treats or CBD oil may help reduce stress and help keep them calm and relaxed during these strenuous times. CBD also may provide significant relief for pets with arthritis or other painful issues. Since CBD is known for being all-natural, these potential treatments are safe and convenient for our furry friends that may need them.

Choosing a Custom CBD Manufacturer

Pet CBD products are both safe and easy to use. For retailers bringing the spectrum of CBD products to the consumer, choosing a custom CBD manufacturer is critical to success. Sawyer Labs is an industry leader in all varieties of CBD products, including pet treats and oils. Our white label and private label programs can put your company brand and logo on every item purchased, ready to market instantly. Give us a call and see how Sawyer Labs can help get you into the CBD market today.

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