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Author: Marcus McReynolds

How To Know You Can Trust Your CBD Manufacturer

As soon as you throw the term “CBD” into Google, you’ll find hundreds of CBD manufacturers ready to sell you their products. With so many CBD manufacturers to choose from, you may be thinking, how do I know which is the right one? Here are

Sawyer Labs, The Premium CBD Manufacturer

Sawyer Labs are America’s most innovative and dependable CBD company. The CBD Manufacturer partners with the best farms, with all the latest state of the art CBD equipment. Everything Sawyer Labs sell is developed and produced in-house here. Sawyer Labs are an FDA-approved CBD Manufacturer,

Why You Should Invest In CBD

CBD Benefits and Overview Investing in CBD Benefits products or cannabidiol, a natural component found in hemp plants, is becoming a growing global market. As the United States allowed for CBD benefits products’ production and sales, an increase in demand has grown steadily. Doctors and

CBD and the exploding industry

The CBD industry in the last few years has exploded. Although Marijuana has been around for centuries, CBD’s medicinal effects have finally come to light. CBD products were not commercially sold until about 2008, and it just over ten years, there is a growing need

The Importance of Vetted CBD farm

The Importance of Vetted CBD farms The benefits of CBD are endless, from proper skincare to personal lubricants, to stress and anxiety relief, CBD products improve the quality of living of many people around the world. However, to enjoy the high-quality products in the form

What is White Label CBD Products?

CBD industry is exponentially growing, with more entrepreneurs looking to start a business selling CBD products. Many certified CBD manufacturers offer white label products that you can buy, rebrand, and resell to your customers at a price that fits you. What are white-label products? White

Why having a trusted CBD manufacturer is important

  When you search the internet for a CBD manufacturer, you will get hundreds of CBD companies in just a click. But how do you know which CBD manufacturing company to choose? By checking whether they are certified or not. When selecting a reputable CBD

Why Sawyer Labs Only Has Vetted Farms

Certain farms are indispensable in the world of CBD health and Wellness. That’s why at Sawyer Labs, we pride ourselves on being a certified CBD manufacturer that only works with vetted and reliable farms. You may ask, what is vetted farms, and why do we

Why We Have a Cannabinoid System

Your body’s cannabinoid system has three main components: neurons, endocannabinoids, and cannabinoid receptors. Neurons are nerve cells chiefly located in the brain with others spread out throughout the body. Neurons communicate with one another by way of molecules called neurotransmitters. Also referred to as antagonists,

How to Know you Can Trust Your CBD Manufacturer

The CBD Market The CBD market has many price points for products. They’re based on the brand and the quality of the work. However, sometimes a higher price point does not mean the product will be of higher quality. Thus, some CBD first-time buyers may