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Author: Marcus McReynolds

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CBD for Muscle Pain

The CBD market is continuously expanding, and more and more applications for CBD oils, CBD lotions, and other products are being discovered all the time.  New research suggests that CBD lotions may also be an effective way to treat joint and muscle pain since they

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Topical CBD Products

When many people think of CBD products, they think of edible products like CBD mints, CBD tinctures, and CBD gummies. However, CBD may also provide many benefits when formulated into topical products. Many people report that they are useful to treat muscle pain and arthritic

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CBD Soft Gels, Tinctures, and More

CBD, or cannabidiol, is an active compound found in hemp. In recent years, CBD has grown in popularity as a potential health supplement. CBD comes in many forms, including topical creams, edibles, and other products. CBD manufacturer Sawyer Labs offers products from CBD soft gels

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Make CBD a Part of Bed Time for Your Kids

If your kids are struggling to get to sleep or are frequently waking, the whole family may be affected. CBD is a fantastic option that may help with sleep disorders, including insomnia and trouble drifting off. If you’re looking for a natural way to improve

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Joint Pain? CBD Could be the Perfect Solution!

Many people suffer from stiff joints and general aches and pains. Joint pain can be caused by conditions such as arthritis or may be due to injury or aging. CBD may be used to treat inflammation, which is often a contributing factor in joint pain.

GMP certified CBD manufacturer

Suffering from Insomnia? CBD May Help!

Insomnia: we’ve all had it at one time or another. For some, it’s an occasional thing but quite annoying, yet for others, it’s a monster problem that they wrestle with almost every night. The effects can be devastating. Without proper rest, a person can’t function

CBD for pets

CBD for Pets: Tinctures and Treats

If you’ve tried CBD yourself with beneficial effects, you may be wondering whether your pet would also benefit from CBD. The health industry has expanded in recent years, and there are now many CBD products aimed at pet owners. CBD for pets has become an

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Sawyer Labs CBD Gummies and Mints

There’s no doubt about it; CBD products are sweeping over every level of society with potential solutions for many problems. CBD production facilities create formulas and applications that include tinctures and many other forms of CBD. Many people include CBD products in their daily living;

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Sawyer Labs CBD Facial Care Products

The popularity of CBD continues to skyrocket, and the uses and applications of the products are constantly expanding. Retailers in every market see the effects of CBD on their industries. Finding a CBD manufacturer that is growing to meet the needs of the marketplace and

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What is CBD Commonly Used For?

As CBD products continue to grow in popularity, more and more CBD products enter the market. Some people may find that the benefits are greater for internal, general use, while others may prefer topical applications that target specific areas. Oils, creams, lotions, gummies, even CBD