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Author: Marcus McReynolds

GMP certified CBD manufacturer

Sawyer Labs Products Are Non-GMO!

Health and wellness issues continue to be at the forefront of consumer concerns, and questions about GMO products abound in every marketplace. The CBD industry is no exception. Public outcry regarding GMO in foods and other consumables has triggered a need for suppliers in every

CBD manufacturer

Why CBD Soft Gels Are Preferable to Capsules

One of many questions every CBD retailer faces is whether to focus on products consumed in soft gel form or the more traditional capsule form. Most of this decision is consumer-driven, but there are advantages and disadvantages from a CBD manufacturer and retailer perspective. The

CBD for dogs

CBD for Dogs: Pet Oil for Man’s Best Friend

Let’s face it, we love our pets. When our fur-babies have a need, we’re quick to respond with some loving care. They may need special attention, some playtime, a little snack, or just run and play. But sometimes, their needs are bigger, and we need

CBD lube manufacturers

Water-based vs. Oil-based CBD Lube

The incredible list of uses for CBD products continues to grow. Consumers may find relief for aches and pains, anxiety, sore muscles, and many other issues. They are also discovering the amazing benefits of CBD during intimacy, and CBD lube manufacturers have created products especially

CBD manufacturer

A CBD Manufacturer You Can Trust

Does concern about the ability of your CBD manufacturer to deliver great products keep you up at night? Will the quality be there? Will the product be there? Can I get everything that I need from my supplier? With many mislabeled CBD products on the

white label vs. private label

What White Label Products Can do for Your Business

Are you thinking about selling CBD products in your business? It is a smart business decision, given the global market is expected to grow by almost 32% over the next five years. Part of its profitability is early research that shows CBD may be a

CBD body butter

Dry Skin and Stress Got You Down? Try CBD Body Butter!

We all know about the negative effects that stress can have on our skin, causing breakouts, premature aging, rashes, bumps, and even dry, scaly patches. When the demands of day-to-day life get overwhelming, applying CBD body butter can be a great way to unwind and

CBD manufacturer

Athletes Love CBD Muscle Pain Cream

The old saying is ‘no pain, no gain.’ Athletes know that the best workouts and exercise routines are usually followed by aches, pains, and swelling as the muscles stretch and grow. Numerous solutions have been applied to help reduce the effects of the workout, including

custom CBD manufacturer

Big Test Coming Up? CBD Focus Soft Gels Can Help!

If a big test is coming up in your life, you may feel anxious and stressed. There are many reasons to feel anxious and stressed right now, whether it is just having issues focusing while working from home or finding the energy to get through

CBD breath mints

Did You Know Your Body Makes CBD?

Many people who don’t understand CBD and are skeptical of trying out things like CBD breath mints are not aware that the human body makes its own CBD.  The term CBD stands for cannabidiol which is the active compound found inside of the hemp plant.