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Benefits of Quick Turn-Around Times at Sawyer Labs

Sawyer Labs Certified CBD Wholesaler

The quicker you can receive your CBD products, the more effectively and efficiently you can operate your business. When you are twiddling your thumbs, awaiting a shipment to come in from your CBD wholesaler or manufacturer, it can waste a lot of your precious time and money.When looking for a new CBD supplier, make sure to double-check this list:

Finding the best CBD manufacturer can make an enormous difference in your own business’s efficiency.

Here are a Few Benefits of the Quick Turnaround Times Offered by Sawyer Labs:


Sawyer Labs uses highly automated equipment. We are a Good Manufacturing Practice (GMP) facility and produce the best CBD products on the market. Everything is developed and tested on-site by trained personnel. Unlike other distributors, Sawyer Labs does not outsource their products. They produce and test potency in-house before sending products to third-party labs who provide a full-panel Certificate of Analysis (COA) of your product, so you know exactly how much CBD is present.


There are never enough business hours within a day. Operations within a business need to run at a quick pace to meet the demands of their consumers. When you sit around waiting for your order from your CBD manufacturer, you lose valuable time. In today’s business world, this is not feasible, especially since competition is so tight. Sawyer Labs knows that you need the shortest waiting time possible. With their efficient and certified manufacturing process, some orders ship as quickly as seven business days, depending on availability.


In a world where CBD is growing exponentially, it can be considerably hard for your business to stand out from the crowd. Naturally, you want your business to have an excellent reputation in the industry so that CBD buyers choose you over other CBD retailers. Choosing to work with Sawyer Labs gives you quick turnaround times, which can help you achieve this goal since you will be able to provide the stock your consumers demand.


Having quick turnaround times means more sales for your business. Make sure to use Sawyer Labs as your CBD wholesaler for high quality, low-cost products.

For more information, visit the Sawyer Labs website today!

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