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Best CBD Manufacturer? Choose Sawyer Labs!

The first and most crucial step for any company looking to sell CBD products is finding a reliable CBD manufacturer. Sawyer Labs, a facility that produces high-quality CBD, is a Good Manufacturing Practices (GMP), certified manufacturer. GMP is the highest standard a CBD manufacturer can achieve. Any GMP-certified manufacturer must meet specific standards. These standards are traceability, verifiability, and accountability for each product it makes in the facility. 

Sawyer Labs offers white label and private label CBD products. All of which come with a Certificate of Analysis (COA) that includes guaranteed lab results with each order and verification of the potency and safe ingredients of each product. Since almost 70% of CBD products sold online are labeled with incorrect potency, having the COA certification is critical.  Sawyer Labs is a reliable CBD manufacturing partner. At least two people verify product quality and sign off on each product to ensure quality control and minimize errors.

CBD Products

All of Sawyer Labs’ CBD product testing is in-house. When a product meets potency requirements, we send samples to a third-party lab for verification. To further ensure the highest quality, all CBD products are made by in-house chemists with U.S.-grown hemp from thoroughly vetted farms and farmers. These products include:

Best CBD Manufacturer

Sawyer Labs has a fast turnaround time for all its products and ensures each customer has a great experience by giving each account its own individual account representative. While many CBD manufacturers focus on only one or two products, Sawyer Labs values customer convenience and strives to be a one-stop-shop for CBD products, enabling companies to find the product they’re looking for without an exhaustive search. These products are made in-house with premium hemp that is bought in bulk. Thus, companies can buy directly from Sawyer Labs, getting a high-quality product at a low cost.


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