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Buy your next batch of CBD in bulk!

Retailers want to keep up with the high demand for CBD products. Buying CBD products in bulk from a certified CBD manufacturer is the best option to do just that!

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CBD is popular. Estimated sales for 2022 are 1.8 billion US dollars. In 2019, CBD product sales rose more than 706%.

And popularity continues to grow with increasing research showing that CBD may help alleviate the effects of various health symptoms such as anxiety, stress, pain, and inflammation. It is a great natural supplement for those seeking a healthier lifestyle.

With increasing CBD sales, retailers must have a reliable inventory of CBD products. If bought in bulk, retailers save money and can have greater control over their business’ prices.

Buying CBD products in bulk reduces shipping frequency. This is an excellent way for retailers to lessen their carbon footprint!

Order CBD products in bulk from a certified CBD manufacturer!

By purchasing directly from a certified CBD manufacturer, retailers can form a business relationship with the manufacturers and feel confident of their CBD products’ ingredients and potency.

Certified CBD Manufacturer Sawyer Labs traces every ingredient in their CBD products. A person is responsible for every step during its process and has at least two people to ensure its quality.

With every batch, Sawyer Labs receives testing from a certified third party. Retailers will find a COA certification with every order ensuring ingredients and CBD potency!

Sawyer Labs also produces all CBD products in-house and utilizes the latest technology to process high-quality CBD products for a faster turnaround time. This makes it easier to save money and buy in bulk from Sawyer Labs.

Buying CBD products in bulk provides many benefits for retailers. And there’s no better way to receive premium CBD products than with Sawyer Labs.

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