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CBD and the Exploding Industry

CBD ManufacturerThe CBD industry in the last few years has exploded. Although Marijuana has been around for centuries, CBD’s medicinal effects have finally come to light. CBD products were not commercially sold until about 2008, and it just over ten years, there is a growing need of CBD manufacturer in the industry.


Why is the CBD Industry Only Growing Now?


The first steps towards the boom were made in 2014. A bill was passed that legalized the industrial hemp industry, but the caveat was that it was only for research and development. In 2018, an additional account was given that removed the research and development stipulation, and hemp became legalized in all forms.


Before the Industry Explosion


Before CDC manufacturers in America, CBD was imported from China. The problem was, these products contained pesticides and heavy metals and did not meet distribution requirements in the U.S.


What is the Attraction to the CBD Industry?


The sector dedicated to CBD extraction from hemp has been an easy one to get into, which has propelled the CBD industry’s explosion.

Those who could not qualify to legally get into the marijuana market due to strict regulations can grow their future in hemp and CBD production.


From CBD Oils and Beyond


What started with only CBD oils has turned into dozens of CBD products available such as face washes, etc. A large CBD manufacturer such as Sawyer Labs focuses on providing consumers with pure, sustainable, and organic products.

The Future of the CBD Industry


It’s possible that by 2025, the CBD industry will be well over a 15 billion dollar industry. With the legalization of Marijuana in other major countries, the industry within the U.S is expected to continue to grow. Millions of American’s will be able to benefit from CBD and its effects.

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