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Why CBD Products are good for your dog

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For the Love of Dog

Sawyer Labs is diligently working with the highest quality of the purest CBD products available. Furry friends are a valuable part of any family and can benefit significantly from our products. Keeping them healthy and happy is always a priority. Our labs are discovering countless benefits for dogs. Approximately 2mg/kg of CBD given twice a day can increase an older dog’s activity, alleviate anxiety, control seizures, and ease anti-inflammatory issues that also stimulates appetite.

The Right Fit For Your Pet

Specific breeds often experience arthritis. CBD is used as an anti-inflammatory with minimal if any side effects at all. The canine will start feeling its benefits typically within 15 to 20 minutes of ingestion. Quickly after the pain subsides, energy levels ignite. The exercise is the absolute best medicine for dogs and their owners; take the problem away, and the dog will play.

Benefits of CBD Products

Another benefit of CBD is to treat canine epilepsy. The seizures caused by this malfunction can be a traumatic experience for both owner and the dog. There are reported severe side effects from anticonvulsant drugs when treating epilepsy and often continue to experience seizures after treatment. However, new studies show CBD interacts with the cannabidiol receptors in the brain. Reports show fewer occurrences with no side effects. You do not have to worry about giving your pet too much. It is always best to stick with the recommended dosage, but depending on the animal, smaller dogs may experience diarrhea or vomiting; most likely, sleepiness will occur.

Dogs have anxiety the same as humans do. They are pack animals by nature. Even though we have domesticated them, they still have these instincts. Which often causes them anxiety when they are not with you. CBD calms them down. Typically within 20 to 30 minutes, you will start seeing a change.

To Wrap It Up

Sawyer Labs continue to unfold more benefits CBD has for our loyal companions. Dogs are one of the most devoted creatures and would do anything for their owners. It is our responsibility to ensure them a long healthy life. CBD is a natural anecdotal remedy your dog deserves as a thank you for their loyalty.

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