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CBD Gummies for Kids!

Several studies suggest that CBD may be useful in treating anxiety, but the positive effects extend to more than just adults who choose CBD products. Many parents believe that CBD products may also help children that struggle with anxiety, hyperactivity, and stress. CBD products can be a lifesaver for these parents, but the trick is finding CBD in a pleasing form for young children. Sawyer Lab produces a solution that is fun and easy for children and adults: CBD gummies.

Our CBD gummies are carefully third-party tested for potency and are available in several flavors that make them attractive to young children, including lime, peach, and strawberry. Unlike CBD oil, which can be challenging and messy for children, our CBD gummies utilize natural ingredients to create a candy-like taste that encourages children to take them. However, like similar gummy medications and vitamins, it is important you store them where young children cannot reach to prevent accidental ingestion.

We offer both vegan and regular CBD gummies to our clients so that you can provide your customer base with multiple options or the option that best fits their general needs. Our ingredient list is clearly labeled on each option so that consumers can feel confident buying CBD products for their children from you. 

All of our CBD gummies allow for a slow release of CBD throughout the day so that kids evenly and consistently experience the product’s calming effects. In addition, both CBD gummies are free of herbicides, pesticides, and heavy metals. While we are proud of our white label products, we also recognize the need to specialize and customize products to meet specific markets’ needs. If you are interested in a private label line, Sawyer Lab can further customize our CBD gummies to meet your needs.

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