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Why Sawyer Labs Only Has Vetted Farms

What Are Vetted Farms?

Vetted farms are farms that are regulated and approved as growing, trustworthy and reliable crops. These farms produce the precious cannabis plants that certified CBD manufacturers rely on to create their CBD extractions.

Why Are Vetted Farms Important?

The FDA is currently not involved in the production and distribution of CBD products. As a result, it can be quite tricky for CBD consumers to know whether they’re getting high-quality CBD from a certified CBD manufacturer. By making sure a CBD manufacturer sources from a vetted farm, consumers can be sure that their CBD products are of high quality and without harmful synthetic materials.

Many dangers lie with sourcing CBD from farms that have not been vetted. Not all farms can provide reliable cannabis. Some CBD manufacturers obtain cannabis from farms that produce cannabis hybrids.

These farms attempt to pass these off as 100% pure cannabis. This, in turn, alters the manufacturer’s CBD product, lessening the health benefits for the consumer. Other CBD manufacturers work with farms that grow crops that resemble the cannabis plant but do not have the same properties. C away from the benefits of CBD products, resulting in a waste of money on the consumer.

Why We Only Use Vetted Farms

At Sawyer Labs, we only source from the best-vetted farms. As a trusted and innovated certified CBD manufacturer, we take the origins of our CBD crops very seriously. We only partner with vetted and reliable farms in the area. All of the formulations of our CBD products are in-house. We are guaranteeing the highest quality CBD products on the market. All products made with CBD from cannabis plants are from inspected and regulated farms. Then our products are developed, tested, and approved for sale in our facility.

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