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Customize Your CBD Formula

The CBD industry is full of competition, and enterprises continuously depend on distinct formulas to ensure their products stand out. Business owners who are not aware of private label CBD development might find that creating their formulas is more tedious and complex than expected. 

Fortunately, Sawyer Labs is a GMP-certified manufacturer offering both white label and private label CBD goods. They are ready to assist CBD retailers in creating custom formulations.

Why Customize a CBD Formula?

Developing new custom formulations takes time, effort, and substantial resources. So why should any business go out of its way to create a new CBD product?

It is important to remember that the market already offers hundreds of varying CBD products. Therefore, if anyone launches a new, boring brand, they can lose themselves in the crowd.

Since starting a new brand takes time and money, it’s best to make an impact from the start. To achieve that, entrepreneurs need to ensure that their products are specially formulated to solve an issue or meet unmet market demand.

Some reasons to customize a CBD formula are:

  • Treat a particular ailment or condition with a special formulation
  • Share a certain formula that has effectively worked for a patient
  • Provide a set dosage, like micro-doses for children or pets, or big doses for patients requiring high amounts of cannabinoids
  • Enhance delivery process or appliance
  • Target particular areas of the body
  • Create a product that is safe for use at work or on the road
  • Come up with new flavors
  • Add extra ingredients that compliment cannabidiol
  • Comply with certain regulatory demands

Steps in Private Label CBD Formulation

  1. Develop Product Concept Based on the Target Market: Before jumping into the lab, it’s essential to pinpoint, acknowledge and validate the target audience. Do early field examination and possibly bring in chemists and experts on cannabis.
  2. Planning and Production: With a new concept in hand, it is time to combine ingredients, examine products, evaluate flavors and interpret lab results.
  3. Product Manufacturing: After product formulation, testing, and meeting compliance guidelines, the manufacturing can start. Businesses usually reach out to contract manufacturers who can make private label CBD products in their facilities.
  4. Marketing and Distribution: The last step is taking the custom formulation to the market. It’s a huge part of the process and becomes the full-time job of the brand owner.

Laboratory tests must establish that the custom product is free of contaminants, like microbes, heavy metals, toxins, and other harmful substances.

Contact Sawyer Labs today to order samples or formula your personal CBD formula today!

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