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Extend Your Certified CBD Product Line with Sawyer Labs

Certified CBD Manufacturers

As CBD’s market continues to grow, it expects that sales will exceed $25 billion in the U.S by 2024. CBD retailers who reposition themselves in the market will be able to take home a considerable share of the CBD sales. One way you, as a retailer, can boost your sales is to diversify your product offering. At Sawyer Labs, a certified GMP manufacturer, we allow Cannabidiol retail stores to widen their line of CBD products to cater to the increasing and diverse users.


How Can You Widen Your CBD Product Range?

The best way you can grow your CBD product line is to seek a certified CBD manufacturer who supplies a wide spectrum of cannabidiol products. Rather than sticking to the same range of CBD retail products, you want to explore more options so that you can meet a wide range of clientele needs. Sawyer Labs features different kinds of CBD products to add to your retail store inventory for your customers. We offer CBD tinctures, CBD soft gels, and CBD gummies. We also provide CBD muscle pain cream, hydrating face moisturizer, body butter, and face wash.


Where can you buy CBD products in bulk?

As a CBD retail shop owner, you want to lower the cost of buying your CBD products inventory. Buying in bulk from a trusted CBD manufacturer allows you to enjoy significant savings to increase your profit margin. At Sawyer Labs, we have the widest variety of cannabidiol products globally and manufacture all our products in-house. This way, we ensure standardization in quality assurance. When you order from us, you are buying directly from a GMP certified CBD manufacturing facility. So you are assured of receiving quality CBD products.

All our products are legal in the U.S and meet the legal limit for THC, less than .3 percent, concentrations in CBD products. We get premium hemp sold to us at hefty prices, so we pass those savings on to our retailers. We are your companion if you seek a CBD supplier for your cannabidiol retail shop with a wide selection of CBD products.

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