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Give the Gift of CBD with Sawyer Labs!

Why is CBD the perfect gift?

Let’s face it, 2020 has been a rough year. Anxiety and stress are rampant. What if you could stock an all-natural gift that might aid in reducing not only anxiety and stress but inflammation as well? CBD products from Sawyer Labs are the answer. Sell CBD this holiday season and give the gift of stress relief. 

How do I choose a CBD manufacturer?

The gold standard among CBD manufacturers is the GMP (Good Manufacturing Practices) certification. A study at the University of Pennsylvania revealed that nearly 70% of CBD products sold online are labeled with incorrect potency. Suppliers that have achieved GMP certification trace every ingredient used in making the product. Someone is held accountable every step of the way, and at least two individuals verify products before they go to market. This not only limits errors, but it also increases quality. Sawyer Labs is proud to be a certified GMP manufacturer.

How many types of CBD products are there?

The short answer is there are many. For example, CBD can be formulated as tinctures, soft gels, creams, gummies, mints, and more. Most manufacturers out there only focus on one or two products. Not Sawyer Labs. We focus on many different products in many flavors and formulas. We’re a one-stop-shop for companies that sell CBD.

How do I verify the potency of the CBD products I sell?

Every CBD product manufactured by Sawyer Labs is accompanied by a Certificate of Analysis (COA). You can sell CBD products, and your customers will purchase with confidence. A COA guarantees the lab results of the batch. It verifies the potency levels, the safe ingredients, and more.

I want only to sell CBD products made in the USA.

You’re in luck. From USA-grown hemp to only in-house product development and manufacturing, testing, and verification, CBD products from Sawyer Labs are USA-made products. Since your company buys directly from Sawyer Labs, you’re receiving a high-quality product at a low cost. Therefore, it’s the perfect gift this holiday season.

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