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GMP Certified Manufacturers Offer the Best Value to Sell CBD Products

sell CBDWhen searching for a CBD supplier, it’s essential to look for the best value and lowest costs, and you’ll also want to make sure the products are of high quality. The best way to ensure this is by selecting a GMP certified manufacturer. Many suppliers outsource some of their production, but it’s best to go with a company that manufactures in-house. Keeping it in-house helps to ensure quality and lower production costs. GMP stands for good manufacturing practice, and this practice is essential for traceability and accurate potency labeling. If you’re going to sell CBD products, purchasing them directly from a GMP certified manufacturing facility would ensure that the products produced there are of the highest quality.

Highest Quality

Analyzing for correct potency is the most crucial factor in the production of CBD products. All products should come with a COA (Certificate of Analysis.) This COA should be with a third-party lab to ensure correct potency levels and should be in each order. Customers interested in CBD’s health benefits will see better results when the THC levels are close to the 0.3% maximum. Many websites sell CBD, but unfortunately, most CBD products sold online do not have a correct potency label. A study by the University of Pennsylvania determined this number was close to 70%!

Best Value

It’s all about those manufacturing standards and the safeguards that come with a GMP manufacturing facility, but other factors to consider are flavors and formulas. Customers want access to a wide variety of flavors and Sawyer labs provide award winning flavors to fill that need. Product trends are continually changing, so customers want their CBD in a variety of flavors and forms. Offering customers a large range of CBD products keeps customers engaged and gives them options. A good manufacturer will keep up to date by developing innovative new formulas.

Lowest Costs to Sell CBD

When you sell CBD products purchased from a GMP certified manufacturer like Sawyer Labs, you’ll be getting the best value–high-quality CBD products at the lowest price. Producing at high capacity on state-of-the-art equipment helps keeps costs down, and the savings can benefit you and your customers.Visit the Sawyer Labs home page for more information.

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