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How is Sawyer Labs Different from the Competition?

Sawyer Labs is a GMP-certified custom CBD manufacturer based in the US with quite a pedigree. While sifting through various CBD manufacturers online, it’s easy to get swept up in the variety of products and claims made by all the different companies out there – so what separates our company from all the competition?

Product Variety

Sawyer Labs has a lot going for us in terms of what’s offered (when it comes to CBD products). Besides a wide range of existing products like tinctures, muscle pain cream, face oil, and body butter, we can also design custom CBD formulas for existing customer needs, through our private label line. What that means is if you have a custom CBD formulation Sawyer Labs will work with you and their in-house chemists to create it.

Products Sourced from USA-Grown Hemp and Verified Upon Completion

With a close relationship to hemp farmers across the United States, Sawyer Labs can source the ingredients of their products back to their origins and detail exactly what went into each product, and how much of each ingredient is present. While that may sound like something every custom CBD manufacturer should have going for them, the truth is that it isn’t. In fact, mislabeling of potency is a big problem in the CBD industry, so a company that not only can verify their ingredients but also test for potency using third-party facilities is something we pride ourselves in, especially in such a crowded market.

A team of in-house chemists double-checks every product we manufacture. And each order purchased from us comes with a Certificate of Authentication, which includes lab results that detail the potency and ingredients of your CBD products. Order from Sawyer Labs, a custom CBD manufacturer today!

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