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How To Know You Can Trust Your CBD Manufacturer

CBD Manufacturer

As soon as you throw the term “CBD” into Google, you’ll find hundreds of CBD manufacturers ready to sell you their products. With so many CBD manufacturers to choose from, you may be thinking, how do I know which is the right one? Here are the two most important qualities you should look for in a CBD manufacturer.


#1 FDA Compliant


Before picking a CBD manufacturer, be sure to review their website to ensure they are FDA compliant. By law, CBD manufacturers are not able to make medical claims about their products. So if you see a manufacturer claiming that their products will cure you of your anxiety, you should probably look the other way. In reality, does CBD potentially help with anxiety? Yes, but you don’t want to pick a manufacturer using persuasive tactics to lure customers in. They may be choosing these tactics over working with true medical professionals.


#2 Transparency


Choosing a company that is transparent with its commitment to quality assurance is critical. If you’re taking a peek at a manufacturer’s website and don’t mention its quality, this is also a bad sign. One transparent company is Sawyer Labs, which uses only organic hemp and is dedicated to providing the highest quality products. A tell-tale sign of a trustworthy CBD manufacturer, are ones that sell their products to third-party labs for testing. These test results are shared publicly, so consumers know they can trust their quality and potency. If the results are not available to view, this may mean that the CBD manufacturer is not transparent with their results, and you may end up getting a product with low CBD potency or with high unwanted pesticides.

Keeping these things in mind when choosing a CBD manufacturer will help end up with a high-quality product.

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