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Is CBD Legal in the UK?

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There are many misconceptions about CBD, what it is, how it’s made, and what it does. Because CBD is derived from the hemp plant, many people may be confused about its legal status, especially over international borders, so it’s important to know what the law is before buying or selling CBD in your country. CBD products, such as CBD mints, oils, and topical creams, are available for retail in the UK.

Is CBD Legal in the UK?

CBD is not regulated in the same way as medical hemp products and extracts because it is considered a supplement rather than a medicine. While the UK has relatively restrictive laws regarding medical cannabis, CBD is exempt from these laws and remains legal in the UK as long as it is sourced appropriately. It doesn’t matter what form the CBD is in; CBD mints, gummies, oil, and other forms are all treated the same.

Is It Legal to Sell CBD Products Through My Business?

Yes. However, you must not represent CBD products as medicines. You can sell CBD in any form, but you must not promote them as treatments for any specific conditions. If you want to sell CBD products like medicines, you will need a license from the MHRA.

Are Sawyer Labs CBD Products Legal in the UK?

Under UK law, CBD products must either be derived from EU-approved industrial hemp strains or come from outside the EU. CBD products from Sawyer Labs meet these requirements and are legal to sell in the UK.All our products come with certificates of analysis that confirm they are suitable for sale in the UK.Sawyer Labs offers a range of CBD products, such as CBD mints, all of which are produced in-house and come with a certificate of analysis that confirms their potency and safety. We carefully vet our farmers and employ trusted in-house chemists; you can be sure that any white label or private label products you order from us are legal to sell in the UK.

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