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Sawyer Labs CBD Manufacturer Production Capabilities

CBD ManufacturerSawyer Labs is a high capacity GMP facility with access to state-0f-the-art equipment, allowing them to produce large-scale CBD products. Here is why CBD businesses enlist Sawyer Labs as their trusted CBD Manufacturer:

Large Scale Production Process

Sawyer Labs highly automated equipment can handle any order, no matter the size. Their high capacity facility can accommodate large scale production. Thus, producing your favorite CBD products without compromising the final product’s quality. When choosing Sawyer Labs as your CBD manufacturer, you’ll get your products FAST! Some orders ship as quickly as seven business days, depending on availability. 

Highly Automated Equipment

As a GMP Certified CBD manufacturer, Sawyer Labs ensures that they use state-of-the-art technology to increase efficiency and speeds in extracting CBD. This production capability guarantees that Sawyer Labs can test the CBD with its in-house GMP facility. Then, they send the CBD products to a certified third-party lab for verification. These labs provide a full-panel Certificate of Analysis (COA) of your product, so you know precisely how much CBD is present.

Reliable Farming and Hemp in Bulk

It is essential to understand that Sawyer Labs chooses to partner with vetted farmers. These farmers supply cannabis with the highest level of cannabinoids and flavonoids. Knowing that your CBD manufacturer has a steady supply of the best CBD produced right here in the USA is essential for any CBD business. The quality and purity of Sawyer Lab’s ingredients are their top priority.


Sawyer Labs products are developed, formulated, and produced by product production experts to ensure the highest quality and purity.  They create every product in their in-house GMP facility. Unlike other CBD manufacturers, Sawyer Labs does not outsource their products. Their team of in-house experts are ready to give you a custom formulation for high-quality products at a low cost.

Sawyer Labs is the Best CBD Manufacturer 

Sawyer understands the need for sustainable production, fast turnarounds, and high-quality CBD products. This Business to Business company invests in qualified in-house chemists, reliable Farms, and vetted farmers. Sawyer Labs uses current technology and standardized equipment to produce the highest-quality CBD products.Visit the Sawyer Labs website today for further information.

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