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Sawyer Labs – High-Quality, High Value!

CBD products are increasing in popularity, as CBD may have many positive effects on their consumers. Those who struggle with anxiety, inflammation, muscle aches and pains, and more may find that using CBD is exactly the relief that they have been searching for. And as a CBD retailer, you can provide that!

Sawyer Labs is a GMP certified CBD manufacturer that designs and tests its CBD products on-site. Studies show that up to 70% of CBD products mislabel their CBD potency. By buying from a GMP facility that also includes a COA certification with every product, you know you are getting exactly what you ask for!

What also aids in ensuring the product quality at Sawyer Labs is the presence of an on-site chemist. A chemist allows for product adaption, innovation, and testing with ease and permits the usage of on-site testing equipment. This can further verify each CBD product’s authenticity. However, Sawyer Labs still sends out its products to third-party labs to be tested and receive a certificate of authenticity (COA), included with every order.

Orders Arrive Promptly and Accurately

A significant benefit to manufacturing products on-site is that it allows Sawyer Labs to adjust matters like order size, quantity, and variety to specific clients’ requirements. Sawyer Labs is proud to tailor its services to any client no matter the MOQ (minimum order quantity). This allows us to cater to small or large businesses without delay.

The presence of a COA in every order helps reassure clientele that CBD products are coming from a certified CBD manufacturer of good repute, and verifies CBD potency within each product. 

CBD Products

Products manufactured by Sawyer Labs include tinctures, soft gels, gummies, skincare products, and more. All products can be made with either full-spectrum, broad-spectrum, or CBD isolate. Each spectrum has various benefits, with full-spectrum being the preferred option due to its inclusion of terpenes, flavonoids, and CBs.

If you have any questions or would like to order samples please contact Sawyer Labs.

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