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Sell CBD: A Natural Sleep Aid

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For people experiencing difficulty falling or staying asleep, the natural oil produced by CBD manufacturer Sawyer Labs may prove a more attractive sleep aid over powerful, possibly addictive drugs.

Sleep occurs in the brain due to a buildup of melatonin, a naturally occurring hormone. Though our natural melatonin cycles are tied to daylight or the lack thereof, modern living with our electric lights and noisy cities disrupts these cycles and thus sleep. As this Healthline article explains, medical conditions and treatments may also disrupt a person’s natural sleep and cause insomnia. A natural sleep cycle ends with a jump in cortisol, also called the stress hormone. Previous studies have established that insomniacs often have elevated cortisol levels, contributing to their inability to stay asleep. However, newer studies on CBD indicate that a small dose before bed may reduce cortisol overall.

There’s some indication that CBD may also affect REM sleep, it may be able to suppress nightmares, especially in those with PTSD or similar conditions. The research here is promising. It appears that the most effective dose is around 25-milligrams.

CBD manufacturer Sawyer Labs offers CBD softgels in both ten and 25-milligram doses. In-house chemists developed these softgels and each order receives a certificate of analysis by a third party, ensuring every soft gel meets proper potency and safety standards. In addition to their softgels, distributors can obtain CBD gummies from the CBD manufacturer, along with myriads of other products. Like the softgels, these gummies come in either 10 or 25-milligram doses. Furthermore, the company takes great efforts to ensure their hemp products come only from ethical US farmers, with agents responsible for maintaining quality and potency at each step of production.

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