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Should a Good Skin Care Regimen Include CBD?

Among the many practical uses for CBD based products, skincare is one of the most prominent. The CBD cosmetics industry is estimated to be worth more than $500M and growing daily. Many health products for skincare now include CBD. Most CBD manufacturers are getting on board. Since consumers are reaching for CBD-based skincare products, this is an excellent time for a retailer to establish a name in the marketplace.

Benefits of CBD in Skin Care

Skincare lotions, creams, cleansers, and other products include CBD mixed with other natural treatments such as tea tree oil, aloe, and vitamins to create a deep treatment for healthier skin. These CBD skincare products may help hydrate your skin, reduce inflammation, minimize pores and fine lines, clear acne, and calm nerves. The overall effect with CBD’s addition has consumers raving about the benefits – and they want more.

Offering Quality Products

One of the problems with CBD skincare products is quality. The cosmetic industry has high expectations and stringent demands. Thus, a low-quality CBD product is simply not acceptable. Unfortunately, most CBD manufacturers don’t have the capability of producing thoroughly tested, high-quality products. Only a state-of-the-art, professional CBD manufacturer can meet those requirements. Sawyer Labs is one of the largest and most respected.

Sourcing With CBD Manufacturer, Sawyer Labs

Sawyer Labs offers more CBD products than any other CBD manufacturer. We are a GMP Certified CBD manufacturer, producing well tested, quality controlled CBD products for skincare and more. We offer trusted white label products, ready for your retail brand name to be added.  By retailing Sawyer Labs CBD products, you are assured that your brand is the best available, with a Certificate of Analysis verifying every statistic. Contact us today to see how partnering with Sawyer Labs can put your business on top of the thriving CBD industry.


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