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Sawyer Labs CBD Facial Care Products

The popularity of CBD continues to skyrocket, and the uses and applications of the products are constantly expanding. Retailers in every market see the effects of CBD on their industries. Finding a CBD manufacturer that is growing to meet the needs of the marketplace and

CBD breath mints

What is CBD Commonly Used For?

As CBD products continue to grow in popularity, more and more CBD products enter the market. Some people may find that the benefits are greater for internal, general use, while others may prefer topical applications that target specific areas. Oils, creams, lotions, gummies, even CBD

GMP certified CBD manufacturer

Sawyer Labs Products Are Non-GMO!

Health and wellness issues continue to be at the forefront of consumer concerns, and questions about GMO products abound in every marketplace. The CBD industry is no exception. Public outcry regarding GMO in foods and other consumables has triggered a need for suppliers in every

CBD manufacturer

Why CBD Soft Gels Are Preferable to Capsules

One of many questions every CBD retailer faces is whether to focus on products consumed in soft gel form or the more traditional capsule form. Most of this decision is consumer-driven, but there are advantages and disadvantages from a CBD manufacturer and retailer perspective. The

CBD for dogs

CBD for Dogs: Pet Oil for Man’s Best Friend

Let’s face it, we love our pets. When our fur-babies have a need, we’re quick to respond with some loving care. They may need special attention, some playtime, a little snack, or just run and play. But sometimes, their needs are bigger, and we need

CBD lube manufacturers

Water-based vs. Oil-based CBD Lube

The incredible list of uses for CBD products continues to grow. Consumers may find relief for aches and pains, anxiety, sore muscles, and many other issues. They are also discovering the amazing benefits of CBD during intimacy, and CBD lube manufacturers have created products especially

CBD manufacturer

A CBD Manufacturer You Can Trust

Does concern about the ability of your CBD manufacturer to deliver great products keep you up at night? Will the quality be there? Will the product be there? Can I get everything that I need from my supplier? With many mislabeled CBD products on the

CBD manufacturer

CBD Oil Flavors and Their Benefits

With so much information available on the internet, you are likely to be aware of CBD oil’s possible advantages already. Choosing the right flavor from a trusted CBD manufacturer to suit your client’s taste buds can make their experience with CBD oil a whole lot

GMP certified

Why Do So Many People Use CBD?

The horseless carriage, indoor plumbing, sliced bread, and now CBD – wonderful ideas that change our lives every day. As a society, when we find something powerful and effective, we grab onto it and never let go. CBD products are the latest in that long

CBD manufacturing

Why Your Clients Will Love CBD Pet Treats

As CBD products continue to gain popularity across all segments of society and in every cultural group, it’s no surprise that the benefits of CBD also reach out to man’s best friend. Pet treats and oils are readily available from Sawyer Labs and with high-quality