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Sawyer Labs: A Trusted and Certified CBD Manufacturer

The CBD market is flooded with the good, the bad, and the ugly. While there are many high-quality CBD manufacturer, there are also many not so great ones. Certified CBD Manufacturer A go-to CBD manufacturer that is trusted and certified is Sawyer Labs. How do

What To Look For In a CBD Manufacturer: GMP

GMP, or Good Manufacturing Process, is a standard at which cannabidiol (CBD) is produced. It should be followed by all Certified CBD manufacturers. The quality of cannabis-containing products is a subject of interest of the FDA too. But, until there is better regulation on CBD,

What does “Full Spectrum” CBD Products Mean?

Is your CBD isolate or broad-spectrum CBD product just not working to alleviate your symptoms? Or maybe you’re looking for a product with a trace amount of THC. A full-spectrum CBD product may be the answer for you. A CBD Manufacturer may not have all

Why CBD Products are good for your dog

Sawyer Labs is diligently working with the highest quality of the purest CBD products available. Furry friends are a valuable part of any family and can benefit significantly from our products. Keeping them healthy and happy is always a priority. Our labs are discovering countless

What does “isolate” CBD Products Mean?

CBD is short for cannabidiol, which is a compound derived from cannabis. Unlike its parent plant, CBD does not have the same psychotropic effects as marijuana, and in recent years CBD products have been found more and more medicinal applications ranging from seizures to arthritis.

Why being an in-house manufacturer of CBD matters

When it comes to producing CBD wholesale products, companies must choose where to manufacture their goods. So many companies decide to outsource to other companies while others chose the in-house manufacturing route. Although outsourcing can reduce the cost of production, some CBD companies, such as

Research at Sawyer Labs: CBD Manufacturer

  The cannabis Sativa has over 100 cannabinoids, including certified CBD or cannabidiol, used for CBD wholesale. Cannabidiol can also be found in other plants, including Black Pepper, but cannabis Sativa has a chemical composition. The cannabis plant also contains THC, which, together with CBD,

Benefits of having CBD in your gum.

There are lots of CBD products available in the market these days. In fact, it is possible to make a CBD version of almost every consumable product that you can think of. An example of such a product is the CBD chewing gum. This is

White Label vs Private Label CBD Products

The CBD industry has recorded an unprecedented growth in the last decade, with manufacturers and CBD distributor companies using various retail channels to share their products. Among these channels, options include white label and private label. Sawyer Labs is an industrial manufacturer of wholesale and

CBD White Label – What is it?

If you are a business owner intending to find a CBD Manufacturer, you may have heard of white label and private label CBD products. Many established CBD manufacturers and wholesalers alike offer private label or white label programs for their products. But what exactly are