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Why CBD Products are so Popular

  Recently, CBD products have flooded the marketplace. There are many mediums to choose from based on your health needs, from anxiety-reducing tinctures and oils to pain-relieving creams and salves. It’s no secret that CBD is popular, but what’s the hype all about? Here are

Research at Sawyer Labs: CBD Manufacturer

  The cannabis Sativa has over 100 cannabinoids, including certified CBD or cannabidiol, used for CBD wholesale. Cannabidiol can also be found in other plants, including Black Pepper, but cannabis Sativa has a chemical composition. The cannabis plant also contains THC, which, together with CBD,

White Label vs Private Label CBD Products

The CBD industry has recorded an unprecedented growth in the last decade, with manufacturers and CBD distributor companies using various retail channels to share their products. Among these channels, options include white label and private label. Sawyer Labs is an industrial manufacturer of wholesale and

Why a Certified CBD Processing Consultant is Important

the CBD industry is growing at a rapid rate as more people learning about the potential benefits of CBD products. More entrepreneurs and established businesses are looking to branch into the industry. The process of creating an authentic CBD product can be complicated. Here are

What does a CBD Manufacturer Provide?

CBD Manufacturer – Sawyer Labs Different CBD manufacturers offer a range of services. Offerings include inspection of farming facilities, raw materials, and growing methods. The reason for these include quality purposes, expert team analysis, comprehensive lab testing, rapid turnaround times, and personal account management for