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Benefits of Quick Turn-Around Times at Sawyer Labs

Sawyer Labs Certified CBD Wholesaler The quicker you can receive your CBD products, the more effectively and efficiently you can operate your business. When you are twiddling your thumbs, awaiting a shipment to come in from your CBD wholesaler or manufacturer, it can waste a

Reasons Why You Should Sell CBD Products

Why Should You Sell CBD Products? Why should you sell CBD? The world is continuously evolving. There is a greater demand for financial resources but no rise in said financial resources, which is why most individuals have more than one revenue-generating stream. Unless you are

Advantage of Ordering Private Label vs. White Label

Sawyer Labs’ CBD products are the best on the market. Your business can order a specialized formula that will help meet the needs and demands of your consumers. All of Sawyer Labs products come with a Certificate of Analysis (COA)–letting you know precisely how much

Sawyer Labs CBD Manufacturer Production Capabilities

Sawyer Labs is a high capacity GMP facility with access to state-0f-the-art equipment, allowing them to produce large-scale CBD products. Here is why CBD businesses enlist Sawyer Labs as their trusted CBD Manufacturer: Large Scale Production Process Sawyer Labs highly automated equipment can handle any

The Benefits of an Individual Account Representative

Sawyer Labs Account Representatives As a CBD retailer, getting an account representative to oversee all the transactions between you and the CBD manufacturer, such as Sawyer Labs, is essential. Customer Service is important to us, and we want to treat each customer as we would

Why You Should Sample Products Before You Sell CBD

Before You Sell CBD Products CBD products have become overly popular. However, the CBD industry remains highly unregulated, explaining why there are plenty of unethical CBD manufacturers. Therefore, you should be vigilant and do all the necessary due diligence to ensure that your inventory is

White Label CBD Products at Sawyer Labs

White Labels Will Help You Sell CBD Products If you are new to the CBD market, white labeling is the best way to start retailing high-quality CBD products. Buying white label products from a CBD manufacturer like Sawyer Labs buys you a ton of time

Why You Should Choose Sawyer Labs

Nowadays, new and different CBD manufacturers seem to be popping here and there in the blink of an eye. It can be challenging to decipher which CBD manufacturers are phonies and which ones are true to their promises. Sawyer Labs has always been an efficient,