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The Difference Between CBD Gummies and Tinctures

With Cannabidiol (CBD) exploding in popularity, many variations of products have emerged—-from tinctures and soft gels to lotions and lube, each promising an effective dose of CBD. For first-time buyers, and those wanting to sell CBD, it can be quite overwhelming to decide on which one best suits them. This article will narrow down the two of the most popular forms of CBD, CBD Gummies and Tinctures.

CBD Gummies VS Tinctures

As a retailer looking to sell CBD gummies or tinctures, it’s essential to understand the biodiversity of the product; that is, how quickly the body can absorb gummies and tinctures and what’s their difference:

Speed of Effect

Most people use CBD to get relief from inflammation, pain, or anxiety. Tinctures are the winner when it comes to speed of relief because of their higher bioavailability.

When administered under your tongue, tinctures get absorbed in your bloodstream within minutes, thus providing quick relief. On the other hand, gummies offer slightly delayed results because they require digestion before entering your bloodstream.

Ease of Measuring

CBD products usually have a label on the bottle showing the product’s strength and guiding you on the quantity to take. However, depending on how you use a dropper for tincture, it can sometimes be hard to administer the correct dose. With gummies, you can easily gauge the amount of CBD you’re taking because each piece is specified.


Tinctures come in flavors like orange cream, mint, and lemonade, although you can also get an unflavored or natural version if you’re adding it to a drink. Gummies just as tasty; they’re available in a rainbow of fruity and tart flavors that most people find irresistible. CBD manufacturer, Sawyer Labs, has award-winning flavors to choose from that your clients will adore!

Which Is Better Between CBD gummies and Tinctures?

Gummies and tinctures are both excellent choices for CBD. Both have the same therapeutic properties, though some people may choose one over the other based on the speed of relief, ease of administering, or flavor.

Need Quality Gummies or Tinctures? Talk To US!

At Sawyer Labs, we sell high-quality CBD products that have been third-party tested for CBD potency. All our products are handcrafted in-house using the highest quality raw materials that are non-GMO and free of pesticides, herbicides, and heavy metals.

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