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Water-based vs. Oil-based CBD Lube

CBD lube manufacturers

The incredible list of uses for CBD products continues to grow. Consumers may find relief for aches and pains, anxiety, sore muscles, and many other issues. They are also discovering the amazing benefits of CBD during intimacy, and CBD lube manufacturers have created products especially for those magic moments.

Why CBD?

Sexual lubricants provide special, personal purposes during intimacy. They typically provide extra lubrication to overcome dryness or physical difficulties, but CBD lube adds much more. CBD lube provides the normal lubricating functions and brings a soothing, relaxing smoothness to the action. CBD lubes also provide pleasant and stimulating aromas for the participants to enjoy, adding to the aromatic and euphoric experience.

Types of CBD Lube

CBD lube is available in two primary versions, oil-based and water-based. Oil-based products provide better lubrication properties and usually last longer during the sexual experience. However, oil-based lubes can sometimes cause irritation to the skin or sexual organs, and they also cannot be used with latex sexual devices such as condoms. Water-based products are much milder, cause fewer reactions to sensitive skin, and can be used with most sexual products, but may need to be applied more frequently and liberally. Consumers can choose the CBD lube that works best for their needs.

CBD Lube Manufacturers

The intimacy market continues to advance each year, and CBD lubes are an ever-increasing part of it. Among all the CBD lube manufacturers in the marketplace today, Sawyer Labs stands out as an established industry professional. Our state-of-the-art facilities provide white label and private label products for all types of retailers and can ship in bulk quantities to keep your business flowing as the orders come in. There has never been a greater time to tap into the CBD retail market. Contact us today to see how Sawyer Labs can help propel your retail business into this rapidly expanding marketplace.

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