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What is CBD White Labeling?

white label CBD manufacturer

Have you ever wanted to start a CBD business or add CBD products to your inventory? When looking for a CBD manufacturer, there are some important things to look for. When it comes to CBD, there’s nothing worse than purchasing a product only to find it’s of a different potency than you might’ve expected or is sourced from somewhere you disagree with. Start looking for GMP certification; this will ensure you that processes are in place to ensure you quality products.

Then comes the next problem. What if you don’t have your own CBD formulation? Well, that’s where a white label CBD manufacturer comes in. So what exactly are white label products?

Private Label Vs. White Label

Private label products refer to products that are only sold by one exclusive retailer. If you have a custom formula you want made, this is the way to go. Comparatively, white label products are generic products that multiple retailers can sell. If you don’t have a custom formula, this is the perfect answer!

Sawyer Labs is a CBD manufacturer that specializes in both white and private label CBD products. When going through Sawyer Labs, you choose which of their award-winning products you would like to sell, and they manufacture, label, and ship them to your front door. All the hard work is done for you!

White Label CBD Manufacturer

Sawyer Labs is a GMP-certified CBD manufacturer that produces all of its products on-site, with third-party testers to verify their potency and farmers who can trace the incorporated CBD back to the original hemp crop. With verified products, there are many white label CBD products to choose from, whether you’re looking for CBD oil, body butter, or skincare solutions. 

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