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What is Third-Party Testing?

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Sawyer Labs is a certified GMP CBD manufacturer specializing in premium CBD products such as tinctures, soft gels, pain creams, gummies, and pet treats. The company’s GMP facility is home to the most advanced CBD equipment in the market. As expected of a reputable, certified GMP CBD manufacturer, Sawyer Labs conducts in-house testing before outsourcing for third-party testing services.

What is Third-Party Testing?

The primary goal for third-party testing is to provide an unbiased analysis of the CBD products’ quality and potency. After conducting in-house testing, Sawyer Labs outsources third-party testing to prove the quality, purity, and potency of every CBD batch.

Why is Third-Party CBD Testing Necessary?

Selling products that have undergone third-party testing is the only way to ensure consumers’ safety. The CBD market is highly unregulated, making it easier for companies to lie about what the product contains. Some may exaggerate their cannabidiol profiles to make massive sales. In the long-term, such fraudulent companies risk losing valued customers. Bearing this in mind, after Sawyer Labs has tested its products in-house, they send the products to a third-party lab to verify the results. Once each batch is verified, production starts. Production runs are then tested by Sawyer Lab’s in-house testing GMP facility to verify compliance.Sawyer Labs believes in the integrity of their products. This strong corporate integrity is what puts Sawyer Labs above other certified CBD manufacturers. Sawyer Labs believes in teams and will dedicate themselves to becoming your best partner. For more information, visit the Saywer Labs website today! 

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