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What To Look For In a CBD Manufacturer: GMP

Certified CBD

GMP, or Good Manufacturing Process, is a standard at which cannabidiol (CBD) is produced. It should be followed by all Certified CBD manufacturers. The quality of cannabis-containing products is a subject of interest of the FDA too. But, until there is better regulation on CBD, the GMP is extremely important what to look for. At Sawyer Labs, extensive testing and meticulous processing allow a reliable and consistent GMP.

Industry Standard

The industry standard is a maximum of 0.3% THC in CBD oil. Reliable CBD manufacturers strive to have as little contaminants in their CBD oil as possible. This is because the contaminants can be a constituent and can have severe side effects for customers. It may also have some legal ramifications for the supplier and the end-user. A supplier that’s committed to a low level of THC is able to build trust with its clients.

The Source Of The Hemp

A reliable and vetted supply chain directly affects the GMP of CBD and when a CBD manufacturer loses the chain of custody somewhere along the line, the quality of the hemp can no longer be trusted. This will result in unnecessary costs for further testing to ensure that the product meets FDA standards. It’s also essential that the hemp, if not self-produced, is sourced from a legal operation to protect the integrity of the entire supply chain.

Testing And Quality Assurance

One of the best ways to know if the manufacturer is trustworthy, it must have a GMP. This is done by testing and having quality assurance protocols in place. No Certified CBD oil should be used or shipped without the CBD manufacturer being 100% confident that their product meets the quality levels as set out by the FDA. Contaminants and other impurities will not only affect the quality of the products but may also reduce the efficacy of the active ingredients.

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