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When to Use CBD Muscle Pain Cream

People suffering from muscle pain, such as from a sports injury or repetitive strain injury, may benefit from using custom CBD manufacturer Sawyer Labsmuscle pain cream for relief. This cream features CBD in a suspension of glycerin and jojoba, and flaxseed oils, with a splash of mint oils.

As detailed in Shape Magazine‘s article, doctors and physiotherapists talk about how CBD pain cream may help relieve muscle pain. The body’s standard pain signals are suppressed by introducing extra endocannabinoids, reacting with your body’s endocannabinoid system. The active agents in the CBD Muscle Pain Cream may also help reduce the inflammation caused by micro-tears in the muscles, resulting from any good workout. There’s some evidence that CBD pain cream might also reduce arthritis patients’ inflammation and help manage their pain.

The pain relief effects usually only last for a short period, as described by one self-reporting user in Men’s Health. This indicates that, while Muscle Pain Cream may not be suitable for people experiencing chronic or severe pain (except for arthritis, as detailed earlier), it can help athletes recover faster from challenging workouts or competition. The cream, produced by a custom CBD manufacturer, functions best for localized pain relief, such as tired legs or arms.

Sawyer Labs produces their muscle pain cream in a Good Manufacturing Practices (GMP) certified facility. As one of the US’s most extensive custom CBD manufacturers, they can create branded products on a scale outside the grasp of smaller facilities. All products, including their Muscle Pain Cream, come with a Certificate of Analysis, verifying both safety and potency. Add CBD muscle pain cream to your shelves today, order at

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