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Why a Certificate of Analysis (COA) is Important

A Certificate of Analysis (COA) is a lab report with a detailed breakdown of a product’s quality, identity, and purity. Every GMP certified CBD manufacturer should have a COA as it shows that their products have gone through quality assessment and proved to meet the desired standards.

With many brands and manufacturers coming up in the market, a COA indicates that a company can be trusted. This article delves into the importance of the Certificate of Analysis.

#1. Shows the company adheres to strict quality controls

At the bottom of a COA sticker, there is information about the lab that undertook the tests, together with their certifications, badges, and signatures. This confirms that the CBD products have undergone the necessary quality-control checks by an accredited body.

#2. Confirms the safety of products

Getting a COA ensures that the CBD products are thoroughly assessed for safety. Some of the things that are tested for include solvents, pesticides, mycotoxins, microbial, heavy metals, and foreign matters.

#3. Provides a cannabinoid profile analysis

Different CBD products come with varying CBD percentages. The CBD percentage is an essential determinant in the potency levels of a product.

Some CBD manufacturers tend to put CBD percentage labels that don’t conform to the product’s reality. Research shows that only 31% of CBD products in the market are accurately labeled. A Certificate of Analysis helps to confirm that the label matches the actual quality of a product.

#4. Provides batch-specific information

A COA label gives potential clients crucial information about the CBD manufacturer’s products. This includes the manufacturing date, expiry date, batch number, and drug code. With this information, you can know the history and background information, and traceability of the products.

SAWYER LABS’S Conformance to COA

Sawyer Labs is a GMP certified CBD manufacturer that guarantees COA for each of its CBD products. We’re committed to creating top-quality, safe products that conform to all the regularity standards.

You can place an order or request a sample by filling out our online contact or make an order by calling us at (385) 420-5430.

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