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Why CBD Soft Gels Are Preferable to Capsules

One of many questions every CBD retailer faces is whether to focus on products consumed in soft gel form or the more traditional capsule form. Most of this decision is consumer-driven, but there are advantages and disadvantages from a CBD manufacturer and retailer perspective.

The following is a rundown of both types of delivery systems, their pros, and their cons.

General Similarities and a Key Difference

While both products serve the same general purpose, each also plays a specific role in the consumer cycle. A soft gel is perceived to be easier to swallow, while a capsule is perceived to be harder and often smaller.

Soft Gels

A soft gel uses glycerin or sorbitol-based casing, is one piece, and is neutral in flavor. It begins to break down when inserted into the mouth.

While they are more expensive to produce, the benefit of easier swallowing appeals to many consumers, especially if they have any type of issue that makes swallowing hard. Many CBD users who are already suffering from various conditions may see an appeal in the ease of swallowing a CBD soft gel. A CBD manufacturer might produce CBD soft gels for retailers that provide CBD products to those with a range of diseases or problems.

Soft gels tend to contain liquid or oil-based formulas, which make them optimal for CBD, a compound often formulated into an oil. Shelf life is also longer, so soft gels last longer than capsules and other forms.


Capsules are two-piece that are fitted together when whatever is being stored is deposited inside. Generally, capsules are more compact, but not in every case.

In terms of packaging, capsules generally will take up less room, which makes storage in a store or at home easier.

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