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Why GMP?

These days there are dozens of CBD manufacturers that all promise superior products. So why choose Sawyer Labs? The short answer is because we are a GMP-certified CBD manufacturer. The long answer is that we provide third-party tested guaranteed pure and potent CBD products in various formats designed to meet every potential customer’s needs. However, before we elaborate, let’s take a closer look at what makes GMP certification so important when choosing a CBD supplier.

What is a GMP Certified Manufacturer?

GMP stands for Good Manufacturing Practice. Therefore, a certified GMP-certified CBD manufacturer must meet or exceed a high set of standards within their manufacturing plant. The GMP certification is considered the highest standard achievable by any manufacturer. To obtain the certification, a manufacturer must demonstrate that their manufacturing system is trackable, accountable, and verifiable. 

However, it stands to reason that a GMP-certified company utilizes a specific process that ensures products are produced in a measurable and accurate fashion.

Sawyer Labs Takes It a Step Further

At Sawyer Labs, we take great pride in our designation as a GMP-certified CBD manufacturer, but we don’t stop there. In addition to maintaining our facility, we also offer a Certificate of Analysis with all of our CBD products to ensure that every client receives a product they can trust. All of our products are tested by a third-party to ensure that they offer accurate potency levels so that your customers purchase a product they can rely on. We manufacture all of our products in-house and provide fast turnaround times so that you can depend on us for high-quality products at any point in time. 

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