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Why You Should Buy Straight From a CBD Manufacturer to Start your Business


CBD ManufacturerSawyer Labs: A Certified GMP CBD Manufacturer

A CBD Manufacturer can offer several CBD products. While cannabidiol is a product relatively new to the mainstream media, it is gradually becoming a household name. It is known as CBD. Cannabidiol is one of the hundreds of compounds found in the cannabis and hemp plant. CBD can have health and therapeutic benefits when consumed, and to date, it continues to create a buzz. The compound entered the market in tinctures, topicals, edibles, and many more forms.More and more businesses are venturing into the CBD oil products business every day, and it is estimated that this business will have hit $20 billion by 2024. The potential of this industry has prompted masses to research how they can start a CBD business. This industry has its fair share of challenges, more so evolving around the standardization of quality landscape. However, the future is bright. Before venturing into this business, it would help if you understood more about CBD products and the industry as a whole. That said, there is the need for CBD business entrants to want to purchase right from a reputable CBD manufacturer such as Sawyer Labs, which is GMP certified. 


Why you should buy straight from Sawyer Labs CBD Manufacturer


Cannabis sourced from trusted farmers.


At Sawyer Labs, you will always get quality products. The CBD manufacturer believes that the best products are what you get out of quality farming. The most crucial factor in acquiring quality CBD is first knowing where it comes from before reaching you. The manufacturer works only with locally owned USA cannabis farmers who grow cannabis organically and with the highest seed quality. Thus the product comes with high levels of flavonoids, cannabinoids, and terpenes.



The manufacturer boasts of a large variety of ready to go formulas. All products have been developed and formulated within the company by its able team of experts and chemists. Each product consists of high-quality ingredients for its customers. If you search for custom formulation, the team will work hand in hand with you and produce the exact formula you want.


Lab testing


The CBD manufacturer ensures that each of its manufactured products goes through the two phases of testing, including the in-house testing before starting the production line.


Here is a More Detailed Breakdown of Sawyer Labs Testing Process:


  • Samples are made and tested in-house. Sawyer does not move on to the next phase of testing until the product meets potency requirements.


  • Once the product meets Sawyer’s potency requirements, it is sent to a third-party lab for verification testing.


  • Then, after the third-party lab verifies that the results are accurate, production starts. Production runs are tested by Sawyer Lab’s very own in-house testing facility to verify compliance. 

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