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Why You Should Choose Good Manufacturing Practice (GMP) Facilities

The CBD Market Continues to Flourish

As new consumers discover CBD products’ benefits, new retail initiatives are embarking, and more CBD manufacturers appear. The problem is, no one is sure who is credible and where to buy quality products. Moreover, Manufacturing labels can be deceiving. Studies have shown that up to 70% of all CBD products on the market are mislabeled. For retailers and consumers, this can be tragic.

Certified Manufacturer

You want to sell CBD products your customers will love and return to buy over and over, to do this you need to find a trustworthy, credible CBD manufacturer. Thus, One thing you should most certainly look for is GMP Certification. The most important certification a CBD manufacturer can have today is GMP certification. GMP stands for Good Manufacturing Practices and indicates a manufacturer that meets the highest standard of excellence in CBD production. 

GMP Certification

This certification is the highest standard that a manufacturer can reach. Therefore, A GMP certified manufacturer has committed to achieving specific standards in traceability, verifiability, and accountability for every product produced inside the facility. 

  • Accountability: For example, an accountable system has a specific process designed for every item produced in the facility. Qualified individuals are responsible for each step, ensuring accuracy and precision.
  • Traceability: During the production process in GMP certified manufacturing facilities, they document every ingredient and component of each product. Each batch is traceable to the original sources.
  • Verifiability: In order to verify that all processes are completed correctly, and all data is documented accurately, two or more individuals are assigned to each task. Processes are double-checked for accuracy, and quality assurance is tested and guaranteed.

Sawyer Labs GMP Certification

In addition, as a certified GMP manufacturer, Sawyer Labs is a trustworthy manufacturer in the industry. Sawyer Labs can provide accurate labeling, source tracking, and production records on every product. For more information, visit the Sawyer Labs website today!

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