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Why You Should Sample Products Before You Sell CBD

Sell CBDBefore You Sell CBD Products

CBD products have become overly popular. However, the CBD industry remains highly unregulated, explaining why there are plenty of unethical CBD manufacturers. Therefore, you should be vigilant and do all the necessary due diligence to ensure that your inventory is up to standard before you sell CBD products.

3 Reasons Why Sampling your Products is Important before your Sell CBD: 


To Verify Quality


For your brand to stand out, you will need you to work with a reputable manufacturer’s quality products. Quality encompasses all aspects of growing, extracting, and production. Your CBD product should be a hundred percent natural, free from heavy metals, pesticides, or any other toxic material. At Sawyer Labs, we maintain the highest quality right from growing and extracting our raw materials to manufacturing the final product. We help you sell CBD products that will not cause any adverse effects to your clients. You can check out our page for more information on quality assurance.


To Ensure That the Products are Up to Standard


Before settling for any CBD products, ensure that the manufacturer is a GMP facility. Moreover, the product should have a supporting Certificate of Authenticity (COA) from a certified third party, confirming that it is potent. At Sawyer Labs, we perform in-house testing on our products at every processing step to ensure top-most potency and use a third party test for verification if the potency levels of our in-house test do not meet standards. We also sell CBD products that have been tested by an independent third party and provide you with the COA alongside your CBD product.

Click here to learn more about factors you should consider when choosing a CBD manufacturer.


To Be Sure of Reliability and Cost-Effectiveness

Most are the times you will need to sell CBD products in bulk. As such, to maintain a constant supply, your manufacturer should guarantee you a fast turnaround time. At Sawyer Labs, we have invested in high-end equipment and a high capacity facility to ensure massive yet quality production. You will appreciate our efforts to make your experience with us as satisfying as possible on our link.We acquire quality hemp in bulk, which comes at a significant discount. As a result, we sell you CBD products at a great bargain, which will increase your profit margins.

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