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Why Your Client Will Love CBD Tinctures!

There are many CBD products out there these days, making it hard for retailers to decide which products they should stock at any given time. However, consumers have made it known CDB tinctures are one product they can’t do without.

Sawyer Labs has high-quality CBD tinctures and other CBD products for businesses who need a custom CBD manufacturer and supplier with the experience, products, and expertise to get those products to you.

What Makes CBD Tinctures So Great

CBD tinctures offer more choice in using cannabidiol and more ways to apply it for personal needs. A tincture is an oil made through herbal extraction. This provides a high quality, concentrated CBD oil.

With a CBD tincture, people can apply the oil sublingually (under the tongue) or find other ways to use the oil. That’s why people love CBD tinctures, as it gives them a great amount of choice and freedom in how they choose to use it.

As with other products containing CBD, a CBD tincture may help with stress, inflammation, soreness, and rest. Since it’s an ingestible product, people could also use CBD tinctures in meals or drinks. These are all great points for retailers and other sellers of CBD products to bring up.

What Makes for a Great CBD Tincture?

Like all CBD products, CBD tinctures aren’t all the same, which is why it’s important to start stocking tinctures through a reputable custom CBD manufacturer. Retailers should always consider CBD products from a custom CBD manufacturer who maintains high quality and transparent standards.

Sawyer Labs produces their white label, private label, and bulk CBD products in-house with thorough testing of all our products. As a GMP Certified Manufacturer, we guarantee our products will meet your quality and potency requirements. Contact us to learn more about our CBD tinctures and other CBD products today.


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