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Why Your Clients will Love CBD Deep Pore Face Wash!

GMP certified

CBD products continue to soar in popularity across all segments of society and are available in a large number of useful applications. Some of our most popular products are dedicated to skincare. The CBD Deep Pore Face Wash is a perfect example of a gentle yet powerful facial treatment with all the benefits of CBD.

What Is CBD Deep Pore Face Wash?

CBD Deep Pore Face Wash is a perfect blend of tea tree oil, all-natural charcoal, and CBD. This amazing cream may soothe the skin, reduce inflammation, and minimize pores and lines. CBD Deep Pore Face Wash’s rejuvenating power leaves the face feeling cleansed and refreshed deep into the pores.

Full Facial Treatment

When you sell your customers CBD Deep Pore Face Wash, be sure to recommend CBD Face Oil and CBD Face Moisturizer as well. Combining these three products provides a full facial treatment, deep cleaning, and repairing issues that can keep skin from looking and feeling its best. As a CBD manufacturer, our desire is to enhance the quality of life in every way possible for all of your customers.

Reaching the Market

The CBD retail industry continues to skyrocket. It is estimated that by 2023 sales will top $23 billion a year. For the astute retailer, now is the time to establish your business in the marketplace, build credibility, and develop a retail plan to dominate your field. Partnering with a quality CBD manufacturer is the first and most important step.

About Sawyer Labs, CBD Manufacturer

Sawyer Labs is a professional, high-quality CBD manufacturer, ready to partner with your business to provide the best CBD products available. Our state-of-the-art manufacturing facilities are GMP certified. Our material sources are specifically chosen for quality, and our white label and private label programs are the best in the industry. Give us a call today and establish your place in the CBD marketplace.

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