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Why Your Clients will Love CBD Face Moisturizer!

At Sawyer Labs, a GMP certified facility, we are excited about the future of CBD and about the products we have created. One of our favorite CBD skincare products is our CBD Face Moisturizer. We love this product, and we’re sure your customers will too!

CBD Face Moisturizer

CBD Face Moisturizer is the perfect blend of CBD, antioxidants, and natural oils. Applied daily to dry, flaky skin, this product of a GMP certified facility will moisturize and renew the skin deep into the surface. The CBD infusion helps to reduce inflammation and bring a soothing freshness to your face.

A Fast-Growing Market

The skincare market has been steadily advancing and is projected to continue growing well into 2024. In the United States, 94% of consumers report using some sort of skincare product. As public demand for CBD continues to skyrocket, more and more of these products now include CBD. By choosing a professional, GMP certified CBD manufacturer as the source for your products; your business can reap the rewards of this rapidly expanding market.

GMP Certified

GMP stands for Good Manufacturing Practices and is the ultimate certification available to a manufacturing facility. This status means that every CBD product we deliver is of the highest quality. Our GMP certified manufacturing plant provides traceability, verifiability, and accountability for every product. This is your assurance that the products you sell are carefully sourced, diligently produced, and meet every detailed specification on the label. This gives you enhanced credibility in the marketplace and instills trust in your customers.

The Sawyer Labs Difference

Sawyer Labs is a CBD industry leader, and a GMP certified CBD manufacturer. Our goal is to produce the finest, certifiable products in the world, at competitive prices, for retailers in all walks of commerce. Our white label and private label programs place your company name professionally on every item you sell. Give us a call today and get started!

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