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Why Your Clients will Love CBD Mints!

Many states have legalized CBD products, and the evidence regarding their potential benefits are still growing. CBD products have shown benefits that may help in antiinflammation, anxiety, sleep, and breath freshening like the CBD breath mints. The products come in different forms, such as tinctures, gummies, mints, and creams.

The extracts may offer these benefits, but you should strictly ensure they come from a credible, innovative, and dependable manufacturer like Sawyer Labs. Our products are COA(Certificate of Analysis) certified.

COA is certification showing our products, such as the CBD breath mints, have verified potency levels and use safe standard ingredients. We also have in-house chemists who only use ingredients from our thoroughly vetted farmers. Our in-house experts produce innovative products and award-winning flavors and formulas.

But what will make your clients love our CBD breath mints? Here are some of the reasons below.

  • Best Quality

Here at Sawyer Labs, we don’t outsource to other facilities. We manufacture our CBD mints in-house at our GMP certified facility with hemp sourced straight from U.S. farmers.

  • Better Pricing

Besides producing the best quality, our state-of-the-art equipment with high capacity production allows us better pricing. This way, we can supply you as a retailer at affordable prices, enabling you to offer your clients reasonable prices.

  • Refreshing Flavor and Quick Benefits

We have focused intensely on flavors and formulas to produce an excellent taste for your customer. Our CBD breath mints in peppermint flavor are absorbed quickly.

This gives you fast effectiveness and desired benefits. Many people love a product with quick turnaround benefits like mints.

  • Guaranteed Potency Requirements

When we pack our mints, we make sure it is done professionally without contamination or mislabeled products, eliminating possible health risks.

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