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Why Your Clients will Love CBD Water-Based Lubricant

Improved technology has made scientific discovery and innovation easy. However, it is vital to understand what will optimize your health and well-being. One such innovation is the current use of CBD products. These products range from oils, mints, gummies, CBD water-based lubricants, and many other products. Statistically, there is a significant interest and increasing demand for CBD. However, it is important to purchase from a reliable CBD manufacturer.

A safe and beneficial product like the CBD water-based lubricant must be produced by a credible and licensed CBD manufacturer such as Sawyer Labs.

With Sawyer Labs, your clients will always have quality, purity, and potency. As a CBD manufacturer, we source our raw materials from approved farmers, removing the fear of pesticides, herbicides, and heavy metal contamination. This way, we also make sure materials used in manufacturing the CBD water-based lubricant are non-GMO.

When your clients buy from you, we guarantee that we have met all the potency requirements, as a COA is presented with each order. We also manufacture all our products in the United States.

But what else will make your clients love the CBD water-based lubricant? Here are some other reasons below.

  • Product Benefits

Our CBD water-based lubricant is manufactured with a soothing effect enhancing your intimate moments.

The product has a calming effect that may help with sensitive skin. This is one of the potential benefits of this CBD extract giving the ultimate memorable joy and experience.

  • Pricing

Everyone loves an effective and affordable product. At Sawyer Labs, our innovation integrates product dependability by our users through fair pricing. A CBD manufacturer must understand its chain of production.

We know this, and it is easy to make our products favorable to your budget.

  • Safety and Purity

When we manufacture CBD products, we first carry out an in-house test, then third-party lab testing to ensure the correct product, the right quantity, and well-labeled.

Doing this preserves safety, purity, and other requirements like Certificate of Analysis (COA).

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