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Why Your Clients will Love Our CBD Body Butter

Widely known for its excellent benefits, CBD is revolutionizing the retail industry. From edibles to skin products, CBD is everywhere. If you are in the skincare industry, the idea of CBD body butter must have piqued your interest. However, the idea of managing the production of a completely new CBD-based product, from its ingredients to labeling, may be overwhelming.

Well, you don’t have to stress out anymore. Sawyer Labs is a state-of-the-art CBD manufacturing company that handles the creation and production of CBD products from the formulas to labeling and delivery.

Why retail CBD body butter?

CBD body butter is a blend of luxurious extra-thick moisturizer with the benefits of CBD. Its smooth, creamy consistency has outstanding hydrating and moisturizing properties. Due to its consistency, the body butter clings onto the skin, forming a barrier that most lotions don’t.

The CBD body butter may have anti-inflammatory benefits that address issues such as inflammation and radical damage. It also may help suppress acne breakouts as it regulates oil production within the glands of the skin.

Why buy CBD body butter from Sawyer Labs?

  • At Sawyer Labs, we are a GMP certified CBD manufacturing company that produces high-quality CBD products. We practice verifiability, traceability, and accountability for every product we make.
  • All our CBD products are produced in-house, and we do not outsource to other facilities. All our hemp is organically grown by farmers we know and trust in the USA. For every batch of hemp we receive, a third party verifies and certifies that the batch is safe and its potency levels are up to standard.
  • We offer fast turnaround times with accurate results. Sawyer Labs is a high-capacity, state-of-the-art facility that is well equipped to produce products in bulk quickly. Once you approve a design label, we manufacture and deliver the products within seven business days.
  • We offer unique and innovative formulas and flavors. Our in-house chemists create unique products that are trendy and adaptable to the market. The variety of products and flavors we offer ensures your customers enjoy the great taste.
  • We offer companies minimum order quality options. A lower MOQ allows you any order size. Choosing to celebrate and remember our roots through this order option, we enable companies to make an order irrespective of the size.
  • We offer the best value on CBD products in the industry. Owing to our bulk and strict in-house CBD manufacturing policy, we make substantial savings, which we pass on, to the retailer through our low unmatched prices.
  • Our customer service is enviable. Our guiding rule is that we treat each customer as we would like to be treated. We provide an account rep for each customer who handles your order from the start to the final delivery.

Enjoy a sales influx and unrivaled reviews today as we work on the best CBD body butter for your company. At Sawyer Labs, we are the premier CBD manufacturing company in the USA.


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