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Private Labeling CBD — Everything You Need To Know Before You Start Your CBD Business

If you’re getting into the CBD business, white-label or private label are some of the better, faster, and less expensive ways of doing that. Private labeling is often the go-to choice for both beginner and seasoned business owners. 

In today’s world, it is rare for any company to produce all its ingredients and products in-house. Therefore, since the beginning of the industrial revolution, it has made sense for companies to identify specific roles so that experts create everything. Even Apple outsources its work to other companies, though they provide them with the technology, design, and specifications for each product. 

If you’re looking to start a CBD business, you’ll have to start thinking about where you want to get your hemp, who is going to extract CBD and produce CBD oil, how you will sell your products, and who you’re going to sell them too. However, as professional CBD manufacturers, we want you to understand that you should avoid doing everything. You can focus on running your business when you choose white label or private label products from a trusted source. When you partner with a manufacturer, you can trust that everything is certified to be high-quality. 

Let’s discuss everything you need to know about private labeling CBD and why it might be the way to go when you want to grow your business. 

Everything You Should Know About Private Labeling CBD

Running a successful CBD business starts by partnering with the right manufacturer to help you get the products you want under your own brand. Read our guide below if you’re considering private labeling CBD products. 

What Are Private Label CBD Products?

Though private labeling CBD products share a lot of traits with white labeling, there are distinct differences. Like white labeling, products are bought from the manufacturer, who produces the product and labels them according to the client’s needs. However, private labeling is different because products are made per the client’s specifications. That means the client can think of some unique products and formulations, which helps differentiate the product in the market from other companies.

Private labeling CBD products means you get a unique product in a special package. The downside is that private label products require more time to produce and could cost a little more. However, since they are unique and made for your target audience, you should have no problem marketing and selling your products.

Another difference we should mention is that white label CBD products are already in stock with your manufacturer. Anyone can use them in their business; all you have to do is add your own branding. Let’s talk about the cost differences between these two models.

Why Can Private Label Cost More Than White Label CBD Products?

It’s not always the case, but usually, private label products cost more. Several factors go into calculating the cost. First, private label products are made according to a client’s specific needs. That means manufacturers must alter their manufacturing processes and ensure that all regulatory expenses are covered. With white-label, these things have already been streamlined and taken care of. 

Over time, if you build a relationship with your manufacturer and continually order large batches, the costs go down, and your profit margins increase. 

Is Private Label or White Label Better For Your Business?

Whether you choose private or white label depends on your business plans. White label CBD products are a great way to get started really quickly, while private label CBD products are a better choice when entering a niche segment or trying to build a unique brand. 

White label is a great choice for those who want to sell ready-made products and don’t care that the products might be generic. Products are already made so very little planning is needed when adding products to your inventory. 

A private label might be a better choice if an individual or an organization has experience and know what goes into product formulation. If you want to create unique offerings for your clients, private label is the way to go.

Pros and Cons of White Label and Private Label

Let’s discuss the pros and cons of white label CBD vs. private label. 

Private Label Pros:

  • Unique products
  • Higher client loyalty
  • More control over the manufacturing process
  • Better margins in the long run

Private Label Cons:

  • Your manufacturing company must have the specific expertise for in-house product development
  • Initial costs are higher
  • Longer product development timelines
  • Requires regulatory challenges

White Label Pros:

  • Fastest way to enter the market
  • Lower overhead costs
  • No need for unique product development
  • Manufacturers provide certifications and regulatory documents

White Label Cons:

  • Limited product choices
  • Limited control of range of products
  • General product formulations 
  • Might be challenging to expand product portfolio 
  • Low client loyalty


There are so many different ways to start a CBD business. These days, you can start selling products in a short amount of time with both white and private CBD products.

Sawyer Labs has the expertise you’re looking for with CBD extraction, producing different kinds of CBD products, and getting you the pristine labels your customers will love. Partner with us for both white label and private label products. We would love to show you how we can meet our customer demands and provide excellent support to those looking to start their CBD business.

Are you unsure about what business model is right for you? Contact us! We’ll review your options and help you get what you need within your budget.

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