There are many suppliers for white label CBD products and the CBD industry is getting more popular by the day, but no supplier is like Sawyer Labs. We manufacture all our products in-house. We are not a middle man that is going to drive up the cost, but what we will do is deliver you products with a COA (Certificate of Authenticity) so you know exactly what is in each and product, and the potency of the CBD. Also, our facility is FDA registered and we have our cGMP certification. High quality, high standards, and great customer service are extremely important to us.

Our product lines include full spectrum, broad spectrum, and isolate products. As the best in the CBD business, we offer the following CBD products and more.


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Purchase any of our off-the-shelf white label CBD products and get your business going! We have many top-notch products created with our secret proprietary formulas. Join our White Label CBD Program and select the products and the quantities that fit your specific needs.


Easy to Use Templates

Work with our world-class design print team for all your label and box needs. We have developed easy to use Adobe Illustrator print die lines for you to use to create your labels. Our print team will always send you a digital print ready file for you to sign before we begin production.


Start Your Brand Effortlessly

Put your company’s labels on our tried-and-true CBD products and start selling! Our products are manufactured in the USA, which ensures a quick turnaround time on your CBD order.

  • Products Ready for Your Label
  • Personal Account Rep
  • Quick Turn Around Time
  • Brand Compliant Label Die Lines




    Manufacturing quality CBD products start with quality farming. Knowing where your hemp comes from is one of the single most important factors in quality CBD. We are proud to work with locally owned USA cannabis farmers who believe in growing organic, sustainable products with the highest levels of cannabinoids, flavonoids, and terpenes.



    Our extractors use proprietary science-based techniques and offer leading-edge technology when extracting CBD from the hemp plant. By taking samples of every batch at multiple stages of production, sending them to certified third party laboratories for full-panel testing. They want to be absolutely certain of the purity and efficacy of every CBD distillate.



    Sawyer Labs has a large assortment of ready to go formulas for you to choose from. Every product has been developed and formulated in-house from our team of experts. We create the best possible products with the best ingredients for our customers. We manufacture and distribute all CBD products in-house at our FDA approved facility. Looking to create a custom formulation? Our team of formulation experts will work hand in hand with you to produce the formula you are looking for. test tube icon



    Producing large quanities without compromising the final product is key. By investing millions of dollars into equipment, Sawyer Labs production capabilities are unlike any other. Just to give you an idea, we can produce 64,000 pieces of CBD products in one shift.



    Every product we make goes through two testing phases. First we test it in-house before we start the production line, guaranteeing before your products are produced, the correct amount of CBD is in your product. Second every product is sent to an accredited third party lab and final products receive a full panel Certificate of Analysis (COA).



    Once payment is processed and the label design is approved by you, we manufacture your order and have them delivered within 7 business days.



In addition to developing, formulating, and producing products on site, we have chemists, blending specialists, and CBD experts dedicated to staying on top of industry trends and requirements. As a Sawyer Labs customer, you can have access to the newest, most advanced products available.



Our easy-to-use label templates will keep your brand compliant, accurate, and up to date with industry standards.



Sawyer Labs houses the most up-to-date, state-of-the-art equipment on the market. We are a state CBD-licensed processing facility, and we are FDA approved. Everything is developed and tested on site by trained personnel.




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