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Why is GMP Certification Important?

Good manufacturing practice (GMP) is a certification that ensures manufacturing companies consistently produce and control their products according to quality standards. GMP facilities make strong efforts to provide high quality, effective, and safe products for consumers. Sawyer Labs is one such facility. By making all

certified CBD manufacturer

Make CBD Your New Years Resolution

Desired products made with high-quality standards make for good sales, and that’s why you should consider selling CBD products in 2021. For many CBD products may help to curb anxiety and also reduce pain and inflammation. The first step to selling these products is to

certified CBD manufacturer

CBD Entrepreneurs Guide

Projected retail sales of CBD goods are expected to rise to $16 billion before 2025. As a CBD entrepreneur, learning about the CBD sales market needs a lot of persistence, coherence, and perseverance. Learning how to master the art of how to be a good

The Benefits of Certified CBD Products

The popularity of CBD products continues to skyrocket. Consumers from all walks of life are discovering how Certified CBD may enhance their lives. Sawyer Labs is a GMP certified CBD manufacturer, producing various innovative products to help CBD retailers meet consumers’ needs. Certified CBD Products

certified CBD manufacturer

Sawyer Labs: High Quality, Low Cost

High Quality, Low Cost Providing your customers with high-quality CBD products is the key to a successful business. Working with a certified CBD manufacturer like Sawyer Labs ensures your products will meet your customers’ expectations. When working with a manufacturer, you need to know that

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The Benefits of Selling CBD

Of all the products in the mainstream buzz right now, probably the most prominent is CBD. Everyone is talking about it, and many people are discovering for themselves the difference it can make in their lives. If your business wants to sell CBD, there are

certified CBD manufacturer

What Makes CBD Gummies Vegan?

The CBD business is exploding with expected sales of over $6.5 billion in 2020, and one particularly popular product is CBD gummies. Remember back to your childhood when your favorite candy was a package of gummy bears or gummy worms. Help your customers relive those

Help Manage Holiday Stress with Certified CBD

Every year the festive Christmas season brings us so much joy, but the holidays can also be stressful for many of us. From trying to find the perfect gift to squeezing in get-togethers with our loved ones, stress levels rise until our anxiety often hits