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Tag: GMP certified CBD manufacturer

GMP certified CBD manufacturer

CBD for Muscle Pain

The CBD market is continuously expanding, and more and more applications for CBD oils, CBD lotions, and other products are being discovered all the time.  New research suggests that CBD lotions may also be an effective way to treat joint and muscle pain since they

GMP certified CBD manufacturer

Suffering from Insomnia? CBD May Help!

Insomnia: we’ve all had it at one time or another. For some, it’s an occasional thing but quite annoying, yet for others, it’s a monster problem that they wrestle with almost every night. The effects can be devastating. Without proper rest, a person can’t function

GMP certified CBD manufacturer

Sawyer Labs Products Are Non-GMO!

Health and wellness issues continue to be at the forefront of consumer concerns, and questions about GMO products abound in every marketplace. The CBD industry is no exception. Public outcry regarding GMO in foods and other consumables has triggered a need for suppliers in every